Cooperate Website Package is designed and perfected for cooperations who are seeking leads and would want to use their website as the face of their company. This package will allow cooperations to display their abundant collection of services and products, including blogs and more.


✓ ONE STANDARD WEBSITE: Full ownership of one website “done for you” to the best of our ability. TWENTY (20) Pages in total which includes: ONE (1) Home page, FOURTEEN (14) different pages for products or services, plus FIVE (5) additional basic descriptive pages. Including blog setup.


✓ COPYWRITE: We will provide copywrite services for SIX (6) services OR Products listings.


✓ BRANDING: High quality custom logo, banners and more upon request.


✓ PREMIUM CONTENT: Implementation of aesthetic content & quality media, helping to increase visual appeal as much as possible.


✓ FUNNEL: Engaging conversion strategies are integrated throughout your website, in order to help increase customer appeal.


✓ HOSTING: Peace of mind knowing that your website is hosted on normally fast, reputable, & stable platforms.


✓ LOGISTICS: Learn a simple daily routine to handle necessary website operations, adapted to our logistical standards.


✓ MARKETING: Implement our marketing expertise to scale organically on multiple different platforms, that we deem suitable.


✓ NAVIGATION: We make a reasonable effort to conduct thorough tests, ensuring that website navigation is responsive.


✓ PRODUCTS: You’ll provide input & we’ll make an informed decision about the best product niche for you.


✓ SUPPLIERS: Connect directly with suppliers whom we believe are satisfactory, assisting with efficient service & order fulfillment.


✓ THEME: Utilize our abundant selection of premium themes, helping to streamline the important end user experience.


✓ UPGRADES: The competitive landscape changes often, so you’ll get free upgrades routinely, when we deem necessary.


✓ FIVE LIFETIME REVISIONS: If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the website, you are welcome to ask anytime for FIVE (5) major revisions.


✓ SEO FRIENDLY: We assure SEO including SEO ALT texts and optimized images.


✓ 7 - 14 DAYS DELIVERY: You will recieve detailed instruction on how to reach out and confirm your requirements for the project. Once we receive your instructions we will deliver the website with all its assets to you within 7 to 14 business days.


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